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Bass repair, custom builds and pickups

The bass is a superb and temperamental instrument that needs continual care.


Bass: I've built and restored electric and upright bass instruments for over 10 years and recently started building baby basses. Influenced by Traeger's methods, I'm committed to getting you the quality, sound and reliablity you want from your bass.


Pickups: We hand-wind pickups using a custom-built bobbin. You'll hear the machining, craftsmanship and care that goes into building a custom pickup.


Contact me for a consultation, an estimate or to learn more about custom builds, pickups and baby basses.


Bass services:

  • Corner and edge repairs

  • Top crack repairs

  • Bass bar repair

  • Cleats and patches

  • Rib crack repair and restoration


Instrument set-up services:

  • Bridge height adjustments and installation

  • Finger board replacement and dress

  • Nut adjustment

  • Sound post adjustment

  • Tail gut hanging and adjustment


Custom pickups - contact me to design a pickup for your strat, tele, P-bass or other instrument

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